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Essential Pet Nutrition Tips

On the internet is found a lot of misinformation as well as myths regarding the subject of Pet Nutrition.  Well written guides advising dog and cat owners on how to use the Internet effectively to find tips and advice about good pet nutrition are very difficult to come by.

There are a number of manufacturers who engage in nutritional studies for animals to enable them to base formulations of commercial pet foods on their results. The companies that should be trusted are those that share the results of their scientific research into pet nutrition with the public through peer-reviewed journals.

There is a very large variety available in stores of different options for dog food.  Unfortunately, it is well known that these brands of dog food have to meet very basic standards regarding nutrition before they will be given approval to be sold.  Some of the bags of pet food may look attractive or even appealing but that does not necessarily mean that they are healthy options.

This means that it becomes a real challenge to select high-quality food from all the different formulas and brands for sale.
As there is a lot of competition in the pet nutrition industry, some of the commercial pet foods that are available can provide a balanced diet but it is best to research the ingredient content before purchasing a particular brand of pet food. 

In fact, it would be best for the welfare of your beloved pet to stop purchasing commercially manufactured pet food.  Alternatively, you could feed your pet less of the commercial pet food and supplement their diet with fresh raw foods instead. 

Homemade meals prepared by a reputable pet nutritionist can also be an excellent choice for your pet's nutrition.  Another option would be to make your own pet food using recipes found in books that you could purchase or to ask a nutritionist or your veterinarian for complete and balanced recipes to use.  It is believed by many that homemade meals are the best nutritional option for humans so it would be the same for your pets.
However, although homemade meals may be best, they may also be harmful if not made up using a really good knowledge of pet nutrition.

You can also ensure that your pet gets all the vitamins that may be lacking in commercial pet food by buying the correct nutritional supplements.  There are good quality chews obtained from cold water fish containing one-hundred-and-twenty milligrams of Omega 3 DHA as well as one-hundred-and-eighty milligrams of Omega-3 EPA. These soft Omega-3 chews are very beneficial as they assist in lessening shedding and itching, also helping to provide shiny coats, soft skin as well as healthy joins and hearts. These tasty Omega chews are an excellent addition to your dog's diet and should be given on a daily basis.

It is unfortunate that on the whole, owners of pets first seek assistance in the medical field and only after they have exhausted this avenue, do they begin to research pet nutrition.  Pet owners often only question if medication is the best choice for their pets after going through numerous rounds of medications.  In a lot of cases, medications could be avoided if pet owners had paid more attention to their pet's diets and researched alternative options in pet nutrition.

Veterinarians who have been trained in nutrition for small animals act as qualified counselors for pet nutrition.  These pet nutrition counselors can give good advice to an owner whose pet is unwell or healthy as to what would be the optimal diet for the pet's particular condition.  They can assist you in the selection of scientifically researched diets that cater for the individual needs of your pet.  All those who decide to work with pets should have problem solving abilities as well as compassion.